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Swimming Pool Piping
We are experts at finding leaks on swimming pool pipes. We use specialist equipment and years of experience to determine whether or not the pool pipes are leaking. Typically the pipes leak at the 90º elbows or the 45º bends but often it's where the aimflow jets and the pipes meet in the concrete walls. The pipes sheer off due to upward and/or downward forces arising from movement of the ground, etc. In this case a new jet/s will need to be built into the swimming pool wall.
Typically, the water level will stabilize on the problem area for example, if the light casing was leaking the water level would stabilize somewhere on the actual pool light. If the water level stabilizes below the opening of the weir but above the return jets then it is safe to assume that the weir is not the problem and neither is the light therefore the return pipes could be the problem. Often, we find that the actual return jets have sheared off inside the concrete wall or behind the fibreglass shell. This is usually due to movement of the ground around the pool and can be a result of excessive rain or pooling of rainwater in a specific area on the paving which causes the ground underneath to soften.